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Google should offer domain name registration services like Yahoo. Why? Because of Blogger. An increasing number of bloggers who have a .blogspot.com url want an original url that they can call their own, they want their own domain (for SEO purposes or because it’s shorter and nicer) while still using blogger to publish their blog. Blogger could offer the service and make their task easier.
It is a trend even I want an original domain name …. Allowing me to use a name I already own is good but allowing me to rent the name would be even better since I think more and more people want to do so except that they don’t really know where to go…

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  1. >Hi Nihal. Maybe Google doesn’t see enough money in it and that’s why they are not offering the service. Even I didn’t know where to begin when I wanted to buy a domain name. I could give you a few words of advice, choose a name that is relevant to the topic of your site, it’s important when it comes to search engine traffic, also beware of a phenomenon known as domain kiting. It’s when the domain you searched for is “bought” by some company before you do and they keep it hoping to sell it to you at a high price. Hopefully in most cases they wont keep it over 5 days, which is the period limit for them to “return” the name without having to pay for it. Here’s a link where you can read about it on pocket seo
    I bought my domain name from GoDaddy, it’s a rather simple process, the only I didn’t like is all the other services they are pushing you to buy, it’s annoying. Otherwise you can by the

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