>The Oscars

>I watched a bit of it. I don’t understand what role Ellen DeGeneres was supposed to play as a host, she was more like a comic relief.

One thing I don’t like to see is old ladies dressing like they still in their 20s. I believe that as you reach a certain age you should not show too much skin. And also I believe that you can still be glamorous while dressing your age. A great example of that is Helen Mirren, one of the best dressed ladies at the Oscars last night.

Jennifer Hudson won. Now that she’s a star I predict that she’ll follow in Beyonce’s steps and loose weight. It’s either she looses weight or gains weight. In fact she has gained some since the last time I saw her. Her breast were almost popping out of that red gown she was we singing at the Oscars. I’m not saying she should become underweight like Beyonce seems to be, but I do believe that a slender look would be more flattering for the type of dresses she was wearing.

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