>American Idol – Stephanie’s Gone, Now What?

>I watched the show last night and it was pretty much enjoyable. Most of the performances were good.

  • Lakisha Jones

The first performer was Lakisha. Her voice was great but she didn’t look happy at all, she wasn’t the least excited neither during her performance nor after -maybe her boots hurt…- Or maybe something else was bothering her. I think she’ll need more than a great voice to be the next idol I’m even wondering whether that’s still what she wants…

  • Gina Glocksen

She seemed to be singing with lots of emotion or was it just stress at the beginning. You could tell she was a bit worried, trying her best to perform well. She did a great job. She chose a good song. The judges enjoyed it and she was really happy afterwards.

  • Chris Sligh

Chris Sligh was very boring. He left me with the impression that he wanted to be voted off, he was agreeing with every bad thing the judges had to say about him and even giving them more reasons to criticize him negatively. Yes he did suck but I don’t think he need to help the judges bury him. He sucked.

  • Sanjaya Malakar -hair idol-

Sanjaya should have not messed with his hair. But I actually think his song choice was a good one for him. His performance was more entertaining than anything else but I think that his fans were probably satisfied and still want to see more of him.

  • Haley Scarnato -classic idol-

Haley has a beautiful voice but her makeup looked really awful. I think she can really sing romantic songs. She was so badly criticize by the judges that she was forcing herself to smile at the end. You could see that she was nervous and maybe worried she would be eliminated. I think she sang well enough.

  • Phil Stacey

Phil is too laid back but his performance was good or his singing I should say, but he really can’t dress. I just notice that he’s actually handsome, nice face, nice teeth but he should not cover his head, he seems to be trying to disappear in his outfit.

  • Melinda Doolittle

Melinda was having fun last night, which is good. She’s a good performer thought I thought she should have moved a bit more considering the type of song she was singing but maybe the shoes were keeping her from doing that.

  • Blake Lewis -modern idol-

Blake is the computer guy who modernizes the songs. Well, I wont say he was boring but he just didn’t convince me of the words he was singing. He’s outfit was plain ugly, I think he’s song choice was too safe, I didn’t not feel any challenge in it.

  • Jordin Sparks

Jordin’s performance was so so. He song choice was not great but not bad either. Since she seems to have a big fan base I don’t think she should be worried a bit besides she can sing!

  • Chris Richardson

Chris was OK, I can’t say much about his performance, I was kind of interrupted almost at the end of it.

My notes: why do the heels have to be so high, don’t they know that it’s unhealthy, bad for the feet, toes, knees, back etc.. oh well….

Gwenn Stefani looked sweet, she was not wearing all the excess makeup you see on her in her videos, she looked nice and youthful.

I’m really annoyed every time I listen to Ryan. He sounds so fake. “Yo! Listen up dawg..” , what, where did they find this guy, can’t he just talk properly, what’s up with him trying to sound all ghetto… -whatever man!-

So who’s going to be voted off??? Chris Sligh probably.

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