>Firefox 2 – Saving and Restoring Browser Sessions

>Gone are the days where I refused to switch to Firefox 2. Not only had it stopped crashing on my laptop but, and that the best part, I find the restore session feature so convenient. It’s really meant for people like me who always surf using multiple tabs. I always have emails I didn’t finish writing, articles I hadn’t start reading or forum threads to clean up and so on. So when my computer suddenly goes off because of a blackout I’m really happy to have my Firefox session fully restored as I open my browser after restarting the computer.

There is only one thing missing (or maybe I’m the one who does not know where to find it). There need to be a way to save a browser session before closing the browser voluntarily. So far the sessions are close only when the browser closes “unexpectedly”.

Since there is not “Save my Session” option in the menu, when I need to save a session before I shutdown my computer all I do is leave Firefox open and then shutdown. Firefox is forced to close and the next time I turn the computer on it asks me whether I want to restore my session and Voila! I’m sure they’ve thought of that feature but I wonder why they didn’t actually implement it?