>Bye Sanjaya

>Millions of Americans (and one Englishman) finally saw their prayers answered last night when Sanjaya Malakar was sent home.

I was reading articles on American idol and it seemed that most bloggers just didn’t believe it could happen. As if Sanjaya had this mystical force (or conspiracy) keeping him in the show no matter how bad he performed. The truth is, you could tell that Sanjaya’s performance on Country Music Night was far worse than his two previous ones.

If people vote for contestants based on the quality performances than it’s logical that Sanjaya’s last performance got him fewer votes than his previous ones. Believe it or not, there were praises all over the internet for Sanjaya’s Latin Night performance, even the judges didn’t hate it. After Country Night I don’t think even his die hard fans could say they enjoyed his performance because it was not enjoyable, even his hair didn’t look nice that night, so basically he didn’t have much working for him except maybe for his smile. Believe it or not most people who voted for Sanjaya did so because they actually enjoyed his performances.

But don’t say I did not warn you. I had not doubt that Sanjaya was the one leaving. I was surprised tough to see Chris Richardson escaping the bottom three. I guess Chris has a really big fan base. I didn’t think his last performance was bad but the judges didn’t give him a chance they were pushing him out the door (since like many people they didn’t believe that Sanjaya would be going home any time soon).

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2 thoughts on “>Bye Sanjaya

  1. >I think Chris Richardson got a lot of sympathy votes because he acknowleged he had friends at Virginia Tech. My guess is that he probably didn’t get many more votes than Blake.

  2. >Yes probably Chris got sympathy votes but even with them I expected Blake to do much better than him. I guess I’m not the only one who finds Blake boring even though the judges constantly praise him.

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