>Country Night – Will Sanjaya be sent home?

>The contestants are supposed to sing country songs – I think -. Martina McBride is here to guide them and give them advice.

  • Phil Stacey – (Keith Urban’s “Where the Blacktop Ends”)

Phil sang first but guess what I missed his performance but my mom told me he was really great plus the judges praised him. After Stephanie Edwards was eliminated Phil became my favorite remaining contestant, he’s on the right track and hopefully he will escape the bottom three tonight.

  • Jordin Sparks – (Martina McBride’s “A Broken Wing”)

Jordin looked radiant last night I just wish she keeps on making sound wardrobe choices in the remaining weeks, the makeup was nice too, a totally good look! Remember, I’m not a Jordin fan but I have to admit that she did a really good job. No other contestant outshined her last night, not even Melinda -she reminds me of Katherine McPhee…- I still have a little problem with Jordin, she’s the only contestant I actually ‘hear’ breathing when she sings. I know that she has to breath but does she have to do it so heavily?

  • Sanjay Malakar – (Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About”)

Sanjaya had to sing right after Jordin. Until last night I wouldn’t have mind being called a Fanjaya but… it was the best performance of the night followed by the worst. Sanjaya sang “something to talk about”, his hairdo and his outfit were two things to talk about neither one looked good on him. It’s the worst Sanjaya performance I’ve seen so far. It was a really bad song choice for his ‘type’ of voice, it’s the type of song you sing with a strong voice unless you change it into something smoother… but I digress. Now I know why so many people hate Sanjaya so much…. he can be really awful as far as the singing is concerned oh well maybe it was just time for him to say goodbye.

  • Lakisha Jones – (Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel”)

The boots excepted, Lakisha’s outfit was really nice last night, even her hair – which I usually don’t like – was nice. She chose a beautiful song, and she sang it with more than her voice, just beautiful. The judges didn’t like it though but that’s their problem! Lakisha will be safe tonight.

  • Chris Richardson – (Rascal Flatt’s “Mayberry”)

Chris delivered an OK performance. I think he sang nicely, it was not excellent but it was OK. The judges did not like it and Chris felt the weight of they negative criticism very heavily and that’s always bad… you don’t see Sanjaya do that do you? …

  • Melinda Doolittle – (“Trouble is a Woman” by Julie Reeves)

Melinda tried to look younger last night, she actually looked dressed down for the occasion. So far her [ugly] outfits never kept her from delivering high quality performances. She’s a professional, nobody is expecting any less from her. Last night was one of those nights when the judges had only praises for Melinda.

  • Blake Lewis – (“When the Stars Go Blue” by Tim McGraw)

Finally it was Blake’s turn. I still don’t understand why so many people like Blake. Is it the blond hair? His hairdo? Must be the clothes… Week after week after week Blake remains the same, it’s almost as if he’s singing the same song over and over again. The judges loved his performance so I guess he’s safe tonight.

My bottom three prediction for tonight is Sanjaya, Chris and Blake (or Lakisha). I added Blake because his performance did not impress me but if America is influenced by the judges than Lakisha will be there instead. But the event of the night will be Sanjaya going home, saying goodbye being ‘the’ American Idol contestant everybody’s talking about. We will miss your hair… I mean , we will miss you…

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