>Latin Night….

>It was Latin Night on American Idol. Muy Caliente! Yeah right you wish. It was not the most enjoyable American Idol night so far and that’s the least I can say.

  • Melinda Doolittle – “Sway”

Melinda delivered a so-so performance. Simon didn’t like it, he finally found a reason to criticize her! For once I think her dress was nice. I think the makeup artists did a lousy job, her face looked like they covered it with baby powder and her eyelids…. I still think she’s safe because in spite of her unspectacular performance she did prove once again that she’s a very good singer.

  • Lakisha Jones – “Conga”

Lakisha has a good, powerful voice but her make up was so scary. He lips were so red and glossy that they looked almost like they were bleeding or falling off her face. And what a poor song choice for her! The song says ‘Come on shake you body baby do that Conga’. Not only she can’t do the Conga, but she can even less pronounce it! Her hair was really ugly! [was that a wig?] and her dress…. totally unflattering to her figure. She chose a supposedly safe song that’s more less soul and more animated than what she usually does but what was she thinking! I actually think that the song choice was really risky for her and her performance was completely uninspired, only Randy liked it. Could she be going home tonight?

  • Chris Richardson – “Smooth”

Chris sang Smooth…(I just love that song…). A very good song choice, there isn’t much you need to do to make this song sound good. He sang it well enough and did his little show as usual with the moves etc… the judges liked it I’m sure the viewers did too.

  • Haley Scarnato – “Turn the Beat Around”

The judges (Paula excepted) just want to see Haley go home. Simon put her down in the worst way possible.[he says she’s trying to stay in the competition by wearing as little clothes as possible to compensate her lack of vocal talent…. he’s not completely wrong…] I think that Simon was disrespectful to her basically saying she’s just selling her body to get the votes. The fact is Haley is using her “sex-appeal” to get votes but maybe that’s how she dresses in her everyday life???
Anyway, performance wise, her voice was too low. She chose a dance song that’s more appropriate for clubs, the kind of song you dance too without paying too much attention to the lyrics. And those wheels were so high… she was tiptoeing, she didn’t look like she was easily moving. Haley is definitely not a strong singer. I appreciated the fact that she stayed cool even after the judges severely criticized her, she didn’t completely stress or and start to sweat nervously, that’s something neither Lakisha nor Phil can do (neither could Stephanie).

  • Phil Stacey – “Maria, Maria”

Phil is my favorite contestant at this point in the show. He’s voice was good enough, not spectacularly good but good enough. I think he’s performance was good last night even though his last notes were disastrous for the less. The fake Carlos Santana playing the guitar was quite awful though, I hope the real Carlos Santana was not watching this show…
But Phil really needs the moves, he should take some pointers from Blake, Chris or Sanjaya or anyone of the ladies. I really enjoyed Phil’s performance but the judges… Randy seems to really hate Phil and wants to see him go home as soon as possible and Simon dislikes him.

  • Jordin Sparks “Rhythm is Gonna Get You”

Jordin has good vocal skills, there’s no doubt about that but she can’t dress…[have I said that before?]. Her performance was good but among the judges, only Paula liked it. Jordin is definitely one of the best singers in this competition.

  • Blake Lewis – “I Need to Know”

I’m usually indifferent to Blake’s performances but he was surprisingly good last night. And for once his outfit was not outrageous.

  • Sanjaya Malakar – “Besame Mucho”

And last but not least was Sanjaya. He started singing the chorus in Spanish and I was speechless, I did not know that he would sing the verses in English. Only Sanjaya could have such an idea. Sanjaya always makes good song choices, in that matter he does better than most contestants. He’s also using his charms to the max. Last night, he looked a few years older trying to work gain the teen agers hearts and votes after winning those of pre-teens(?)[that’s just a theory]. Nonetheless, I think he did a good job, I’m sure his fans were happy and he possibly won new ones. You really never know what you’re getting from Sanjaya. I think he’s safe once again. Despite all the bad comments on Sanjaya and the fact that people are always pointing out his lack of vocal talents, I think he is much better than Haley for instance, at least he seems to be making efforts to improve. He’s voice is still not strong enough but I appreciate the fact that night after night he’s not just relying on the fact that many people like him he explicitly says that he’s trying to show the judges that he’s a good singer at each performance. He’s working hard at improving his vocal skills regularly, or at least that’s the feeling I have when I hear his comments [so what if you call me a Fanjaya!].

I don’t know why the heels have to be so high, maybe the girls are the one asking for them but I believe those extra high heels don’t allow them to move easily…

Bottom three will be Lakisha, Haley and Phil. Who’s going home? Bye bye Kisha!!! I really think she sucked but Haley could go too.

I just wanted to add that I wish American Idol had a Whitney Huston night….

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