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>Having regularly read articles and blog posts on American Idol, after each show, I know how much the people who write them usually have a perspective that’s completely different from mine. They often appreciate performances when I find them boring, most of them hated Sanjaya but that was not enough for them to see that he was going home last week. I’m by no means saying that they get it all wrong, it’s just a matter of appreciation and taste. Most articles I’ve read in the past where written by people who for most of them, dislike Chris Richardson very much, never appreciate Phil’s performances but just loved Blake. I’m a person who likes Phil very much finds Blake boring and doesn’t mind Chris.

I had a really hard time finding a summary of last night performances, from what I’ve read so far it seemed to have been boring, the only highlights seemed to have come from the judges negative criticism and the booing of the audience…

The general opinion is that Lakisha might be the one going home tonight, they find her to be too “diva”. Some other people say (hope) it will be Phil. Almost no one says it’s going to be Chris but frankly, Chris would be my pick to go home, I think he’s the weakest performer in the group (or is it Blake…). Blake is not a great performer but he has something different and additional skill that the others don’t have and I believe that’s what’s keeping him in the competition….

From someone who hasn’t seen the show my bottom three prediction is Lakisha, Chris and Blake with Chris going home but that’s not really based on anything…

Some of the articles I’ve read:
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2 thoughts on “>Missing American Idol

  1. >It’s a matter of personal taste. I think Phil is the best of the guys, but with the possible exception of Lakisha, the women are better.

    I think Lakisha is only weak because of poor song choices. She doesn’t listen to the mentors.

    Two will be going home this week. I predict it will be Chris & Blake. Then again, I’ve been wrong before :-)

  2. >Of course it is a matter of taste. Though I probably would not bet on Blake going home since the judges seem to love him so much.
    I would go with Chris and Lakisha only because I still want Phil to be in the race and because the judges just don’t seem to like Lakisha anymore.

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