>Shocking American Idol Results

>Ryan promises us shocknig results. Wow “shocking” is such a powerful word. At some point Jordin, Lakisha and Christ where the only ones lefts who had not been declared safe yet. Frankly the only shock would have been if Jordin was going home that night but that just wasn’t going to happen was it? Still I kept thinking Lakisha was going home until Ryan said she was safe at that point I was convinced Jordin was going home but I never would have thought they could have played such a bad joke on her and did she cry afterwards. Before the idol give back week I did not expect them to continue with the competition as usual I guess they probably should not have the people vote for the contestants if they did not intend to send anybody home but surely charity night was not a night for a contestant to go back home crying.

PS: I’m desperately searching for a picture of Jordin crying after the results.

I found this…

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