>American Idol – Bon Jovi Night

>I’m a Bon Jovi fan, I even own the “Best of Bon Jovi Crossroad” album. It sounded like a promising American Idol night. And it started out really well.

The unshaved Ryan looked like he just came out of bed.

  • Phil Stacy – Blaze of Gory

I love this song! It’s hard for anybody to make it sound bad. The only thing I did not like with the way Phil performed it was the ending, I prefer the original ending it’s more powerful but hey this was Phil’s version of the song. I think he was good tonight and I do wish that he’ll be safe even though Simon said he did not do enough for that.

  • Jordin Sparks – Living on a Prayer

Either she’s the clown of the class or she’s over acting. I don’t think Jordin will ever be my favorite. Jon Bon Jovi praises her even though she is strugling a bit with the song. I think her voice was too low. I guess being a girl and having to sing a guy’s song makes it hard for Jordin. The music was all over the place drowning her voice and she was not comfortable enough. Like everybody who witnessed it, the judges didn’t like Jordin’s performance.

  • Lakisha Jones – This Aint a Love Song

Lakisha never listened to Bon Jovi, what a shame! She chose a more recent Bon Jovi title. I had the time to see her outfit, not a wise choice but the satellite let me down and I had to go all over the web to know how things turned out for the remaining contestants

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Who’s going home tomorrow, bloggers seem to be anonymous on Chris with the other person being either Lakisah or Phil, I’m thinking Jordin could go home…why not?

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