>Melinda goes home

>Don’t say you’re surprised. America probably got as tired from her as the judges did. When they told her she was “consistent” it sounded like they were saying she was consistently boring. They sat through her performances knowing exactly what to expect so in the end well…. there’s nothing to say.
On the other hand, Blake has his Beat Boxing working for him and Jordin is the cute teen ager they just love. How many times have we heard “You’re only 17..” on the show, too many times if you ask me. Now Jordin is the one saying “I’m only 17…” please give me a break, so what you’re only 17? The truth is, the judges love her and they wanted her to win, they’ve pushed her as a front runner while dropping Lakisha and now I’m sure they’re all be rooting for her against Blake.

Speaking of Blake…I was surprised they didn’t use the word Karaoke after he sang “This Love” in the semi finals. It’s a popular song, I didn’t feel Blake added much to it.

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3 thoughts on “>Melinda goes home

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  2. >Thank you for keeping me updated on all things Melinda Doolittle. Surely, you are a true devoted Melinda fan. I won’t say the same thing about myself, even though Melinda was one the strongest singer in the competition last year I still preferred Stephanie Edwards. I have yet to become a die-hard Melinda Doolittle fan.

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