>Google is treating me like a virus


Trying to access reviewme’s website I type reviewme in the Google search box integrated in my Firefox browser – that’s how I access many websites especially those I’ve not bookmarked -. Instead of serving me a result page with www.reviewme.com as the first result, Google sends an error “403 Forbidden”. Apparently “…[my] query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application…To protect [their] users, [they] can’t process [my] request right now.” I’m also invited to check my computer for viruses and spyware. Hopefully I’m allowed to proceed to the result page after going through a Captcha test.

I thought the problem might be coming from Firefox so I tried going to Google.ht first and then type the query again but the same thing happened. Then I thought that maybe it was because my IP was located in Haiti so I tried the same request with the same browser but this time with an IP located in another country, and everything went fine. Maybe my Haitian ISP has a virus problem?

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