>Google, Marratech and TechCrunch

>From Suray’s blog I read about Google acquiring Marratech. For obvious reasons I was attracted to the company’s name and went on to perform a search leading me to Google’s official blog.

It turned out Google did not buy the company but a software developed by that company. Many people didn’t get the news from Google’s blog but from TechCrunch, a weblog with PR 8 just like Google’s blog and with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. You would think that Michael Arrington, the editor of TechCrunch who wrote the article, would have update the article after Google published a clarification note in the same blog post Mr. Arrington links to in his article? No, he didn’t. Neither did he do it after a commenter pointed out the mistake. I suppose the 415K TechCrunch feed subscribers couldn’t care less whether the news was completely accurate or not.

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  1. >Thanks for your input, I’ve already read it too. Well sometime people treat rumor as a news… and you know what? It is really suck… By blog walking, I found your post, once again thanks…

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