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>The image on the left is not a live Adsense ad unit but one I saw on my blog a few weeks ago, I’ve seen it on other blogs as well ever since. You’ve probably encountered it yourself.

When I saw “Make Money Blog” I immediately thought it was an ad for one of those blogs about how to make money online like Kumiko’s Cash Quest or JohnChow.com or even Problogger. But no, it was only an ad for Adsense itself. I understand the need – and right – for Google to advertise for Adsense within the program itself but the way that ad was titled is clearly misleading. An ad titled “Make Money blog” should be an ad for a blog about making money shouldn’t it?

The second image was taken from johnchow.com, it shows the “Make Money Blog” ad by Google and a similar one saying “Make Money With Your Blog”. Why didn’t Google title its ad “Make Money With Your Blog”? Wouldn’t that have reflected better what is being advertised?

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  1. >I don’t know about this particular ad, but it might not be by Google, but by someone trying to get the referral bonus for bringing new bloggers to Adsense.

  2. >I did think of that but look at the URL. Also, I doubt you can integrate the referral scripts into the ads in AdWords, though I have to admit I’ve never used Adwords so I can’t tell for sure.

  3. >Wow, You’re right!

    If you have not pointed this out, I wouldn’t have known. But, just like Jay said, It could be a manipulation of resources by the advertiser to ride on the “big” name? Haven’t really studied the implementation process with regards to AdWords.

    Anyway, thanks for the input :)

  4. >You may be right Nihal, I don’t know much about Adwords either. Maybe it’s cheap enough for people to use it to for Adsense referrals.

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