>Old News from Yahoo mail and Gmail

>A while ago, Yahoo announced that it’s free mail service would soon have unlimited storage. Yes, it means you can store as many emails, photos and all sorts of attachments as you want without ever worrying about reaching your storage limit.

I personally thought that this just wasn’t exciting news at all. For someone who has practically not deleted an email since the latest limit increase to 1GB it sounded more like they were saying “well we don’t really have anything interesting to offer you so we’ll just make this announcement and try to make it look like a big deal”.

It seemed to me like increasing the size of attachments would have been more useful. The 8MB limit is just something I can’t live with anymore. I had to send a heavy file to a friend and the only option I had was to split it and send each peace one by one. I had a total of 15 pieces of files, a nightmare! Unlimited storage whatever! At my current rate it would have taken me a few years to reach my 1GB limit, I don’t receive videos or mp3 daily. The worst part of this announcement is that it did not come with a date. No, I just see the message on the screen while signing in to Yahoo mail. So when am I going to have unlimited storage? I need to know just so I can brag about it!

This was back then, I don’t even remember when, probably a few weeks ago. Last week, or was it the week before… As I was checking my emails on Gmail I noticed they were calling my attention to a new feature, 20MB attachments. Now that’s news. Yes, surely, the people at Google are reading my mind! Bigger attachments! That’s exactly what the people need. I’m guessing Yahoo and maybe Hotmail will soon follow and I’m hoping that 20MB is just a starting value until the battle starts for the free email service that allows the biggest attachments!

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