>Yahoo’s music is silent today

>I didn’t want the day to end without saying that I support the Internet Radio DoS (day of silence). I enjoy listening to launchcast radio stations very much I’ve discovered many artists through their service and even ended up buying their albums.

Yahoo music is one of the many webcasters who will stay silent today. Read the official Yahoo blog entries regarding the protest: On yodel anecdotal (Yahoo’s corporate blog) and on Yahoo Music blog.

All should be done to preserve such services and encourage people to listen to music online “legally” and then eventually purchase albums or songs that they like. If it weren’t for launchcast there are so many great artists I would never have known of. I can only encourage you to join the movement by clicking here for US residents, and here for people outside the US.

Update on July 16th, 2007: Hope for internet radio, but the battle is not over.

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