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>I’ve been following Kumiko Suzuki and her cashquest for a while. I find her to be an “interesting” blogger. Lately she’s written a very long post to glorify the virtues of not having comments enabled on her blog. I find it a curious attitude seeing how avidly she comments on John Chow’s blog for instance.

She writes on the benefits of not having comment on your blog, “Productivity will increase: When a question is asked in the comments, I feel it is polite to reply. Furthermore, when someone disagrees with me, I feel obliged to correct them on why they are wrong. Without having to spend time doing this, my productivity has increased and I’ve been able to spend more time researching content.” She only forgot to add that she also has more time to spend commenting on other people’s blog.

She also writes, “Without comments, there is definitely a decrease in the community feeling of the site. However, I believe that a blog isn’t a community in the first place. If Cash Quests were a community everybody would have an equal chance of having their voices heard and there wouldn’t be just one person writing 90% of the content for the site – and taking 100% of the revenue! A blog is part of a community of bloggers but it isn’t a community itself.” What a blog is not a community? Tell that to MyblogLog.

Will I still read her blog? Probably, I’ve subscribe to it by email. Will I keep writing about her? As long as I find her interesting enough. Will I link to her blog? Yes, if I write about her but I’ll probably use nofollow.

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  1. >Her site sounds interesting but I have to politely disagree with her idea of not having comments. I love comments. Of course, my traffic is not up there too high as yet but it is definitely growing!

    Thanks for letting me know about her. Of course, she spends a lot of time commenting but does not want to reply to comments? What’s that all about? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. >To be frank, I wouldn’t even bother visiting her page! Anyway, that’s my personal view and there could be those who would beg to differ. To me blogging has to have all these, if not, why blog at all??

  3. >Hi Nihal, I won’t go as far as telling people not to read her blog -I do read it myself-. I think that even if you would not agree with her on many subjects you could still find her blog useful and informative at times.

  4. >I really admire you, the way on how you judge about Kumiko’s site! Actually when I came to CashQuest, I found a lot of comments, wow. She is an internet blogger.

    I’ve heard that she have made a lot of money from internet. Yeah, who cares! Blogging is a media to put our thought, this is the best place to let anyone to know about you.

    By disabling the comment feature! The heal yeah, she has turn herself into an internet money machine that have get rid of her humanity and community sense.

  5. >Hi Suray. Thanks! Yes Kumiko has manage to make serious money from the internet only in a few months. She also gives report on how much money she’s made. Personally I don’t mind the fact that the sole purpose of her blog is to make money online and I wouldn’t be surprise to see her in other non-blog websites where she would be making money as well. As for the humanity in the Cash Quests, the blog used to be called “Kumiko’s Cash Quest” now it’s only “CashQuests” and nothing on the site indicates that Kumiko Suzuki still has something to do with it, the posts are not signed by her, even her trademark pink is no longer seen on the site. I still refer to her as Kumiko Suzuki because that was still the name associated with the site’s contact email the last time I received a message from her.

  6. >I just assumed the whole comment removal thing related to “ronald daniar gender query” thing that was going on around that time.
    In any case, in my opinion, removing comments seems like a good idea if you don’t want anyone to ask questions, or to give someone the right of reply.

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