>On White Soap and John Chow dot com

>Recently I’ve discovered many interesting web sites. One of them is Yahoo’s corporate blog called “Yodel Anecdotal“. While I was there I somehow managed to find out about the intern (Paul Stamatiou) who was in charge of the project. While I was wandering around his blog I came across whitesoap. As I was thinking about taking a shower with some lavender soap I went to whitesoap.com to see what it was all about then I ended up reading about how under inflated tires waste gas… Those were just typical minutes on the internet but what does all this have to do with John Chow?

As I was surfing around JohnChow.com in order to write a review of his blog, I saved a few pages including one with Archives of his ReviewMe reviews, I saw one for whitesoap. No matter how big the web grows everyday all it takes is one link to connect one site to the other until they all end up being interconnected at some degree.

The internet is like a village they say, one where Darren Rowse and John Chow live on the same street and Kumiko Suzuki, a few blocs away.

Even though there are theoretically no dead ends on the internet, being “sent” back to whitesoap from JohnChow after going link hoping makes me feel that the web is getting smaller.

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