>Who stole my domain name?

>They’re watching you and your domain. ..

After writing about buying a domain name I’ve searched a little to find the perfect domain for my blog. I was ready to buy a brand new shiny domain name that I could call my own.

As I searched through the Internet to find the domain registrar that would be right for me, I found and settled for goDaddy.com because they seemed to have the lowest prices. The name I wanted was available, I jumped in joy but just didn’t buy it right away because I had other things to do and thought it could wait for the weekend.- If only I knew that a company called UltraRPM was spying on the domain name searches.- The day after I came and searched for the name again only to have goDaddy tell me that it was taken! No! it’s not possible ! Yes it is, it was registered a few hours after I had searched for it the first time by a company called UltraRPM. This practice which seems to be quite common is called domain kiting or domain tasting. Wikipedia describes it as

“.. a practice of registrants using the five-day “grace period” at the beginning of a domain registration for ICANN-regulated generic top-level domains to test the marketability of a domain name. During this period, when a registration must be fully refunded by the domain registry, a cost-benefit analysis is conducted by the registrant on the viability of deriving income from advertisements being placed on the domain’s web site.”

The fact that people register domains only to test them out and release them a few days later is not bad in itself. What is bad is that they take domains that they know people are interested in buying so they can try and sell them to those same people at a high price during the period when the domain costs them nothing. Hopefully most domains are released after the five-day grace period and can then be registered at a regular price.

So the next time you see your desired domain taken soon after it was said to be available, wait for about five days and it will most likely be available again, be patient.

Read more about domain kiting:

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  1. >Ha ha ha, (I know it didn’t sound funny when you couldn’t get the name at that time) It’s just that it’s really funny coz my brother told me about this a long time ago, “Never type a search for a domain name unless you’re ready to buy one immediately”, he told. And here I thought he was joking.

  2. >Marguerite, You should be aware, I’ve many times facing this problem. When I bought http://doubledt.com, I was desperate because of many of my favorite domain names had taken by other.

    I am agree with NIHAL, you should buy immediately, and never wait for longer time.

  3. >Godaddy just gave away one of our most valuable domains. We can’t figure out how they did it but godaddy is complicit in their failure to provide a simple verification email to us to confirm or deny the transfer. It was quite simple for the thief but not so easy to get it back. It will cost us thousands to get it back. Godaddy basically told us to go pound sand. To get this back we have to file a cease and desist letter through an attorney. Then after a predetermined period of time if the crook fails to comply then we have to file a formal action with ICANN or better put “ICANNT” and give them $1,500.00 to impanel a board of arbitrators!
    Total bill with all legal fees could reach several thousand dollars.
    I got hosed by godaddy and Bob Parsons didn’t even send me flowers.

  4. >Hi there anonymous poster,

    Unfortunately there is a growing number of people who are having this problem with their domain names registered with godaddy. Reselling domain names is a big business and there are apparently no laws to prevent domain theft.

    Some people have succeeded at getting their domain back only because they are well-known on the Internet where they get a lot of support. If you are just and average person, most likely you will fail unless you have enough money to spend on all the process. Still you’ll be the looser here unless you can have the thief pay you back your expenses. In many cases those people are located in countries where you can’t take any legal actions against them.

    I’ve read this post about the domain raven.com that was stolen just like yours. Many people commented on the post as well about their domains stolen at goDaddy.

  5. >I have been a godaddy customer for about 5 years now and suddenly, I’ve noticed an unsettling trend. I search a domain on godaddy alone, nowhere else, its available, I come home that night to reserve the domain…suddenly in a matter of hours its now unavailable unless I want to pay THOUSANDS for it from a “godaddy partner”. When this first happened I just thought, “Well, just a coincidence” the second time it happened I was suspicious, the third time, I am now convinced that when I find a good domain name, it triggers a flag in the godaddy system and they sell this domain to their “partner” in hopes of making a fatter percentage off a ‘resale’ back to me, the customer they duped in the first place. Beware of this register company. I still have my domains registered with them but I’m now looking to transfer them to a more reputable register company (which I’m researching now). If this post saves one person from being ripped off, I will feel MUCH better.

  6. >Hi there Hamilton,

    It turns out it’s not just goDaddy. The same thing probably would have happened to you had you used another site to check if the name was available.

    But don’t lose hope, because most likely the name you want will be available again in about 5 days. After five days, simply go to goDaddy or any other registrar and register your name. I don’t guarantee it 100% but in at least 90% of cases you’ll find it available, at the regular price.

  7. >For real.. true story.. I’m so steamed but there is nothing I can do.

    OK, I found a SWEET three letter domain… JUG.GS

    I found it available on Godaddy.com. Then I did a fast 3-5 minute search for “.gs” domains to look for restrictions. Then went back to buy it and it was GONE. TAKEN!!!!!

    There is NO WAY this was searched at the same time and bought from under me.!!!!!!

    I will never believe it, and will always believe that GODADDY, or someone, is out there monitoring your searches.

  8. >Yeah, I agree. There is NO way that this is a “partner” company snagging names from under us at godaddy.com. Its obviously godaddy waiting in the wings for the second you leave the “buy this domain” page to snag it from underneath you. You should document it and post it to every forum like this around. Thats what I did with my situation. Hopefully it will turn enough people away from godaddy that they will reconsider their thievery. I use dreamhost to host my websites and they also are a registrar. So my last domain name I registered through them. So far so good, no shady godaddy practices that I’ve seen.

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