>Blogger labels are case-sensitive

>In case you want to use links that point directly to label pages, you have to be careful to write the labels the exact way you wrote them in the post otherwise you’ll get a blank page see Melinda Doolittle Vs melinda doolittle. Therefore, if you write the same label with different cases in two posts they will show up as two different labels.

About Melinda Doolitte (not Dolittle), did you know that she used to sing with the Mile High Orchestra when she was in college? Well now you do. For those wondering what the Mile High Orchestra is, it’s a band competing in Fox’s The Next Great American Band.

3 thoughts on “>Blogger labels are case-sensitive

  1. >Actually I don’t have a problem with the defaulting as the first capitalization format but I do have a problem when writing the URL and having to use the exact same capitalization that blogger chose to save. A URL is not supposed to be case sensitive.

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