>My profile has a higher pagerank than my blog!

>I just realized this morning that my blogger profile page has a higher Google pagerank than my Wannatech blog. I know I have not put enough effort in updating this blog in order to secure a decent pagerank for it as Google updated them, but still. I also discovered this morning that Google uses nofollow for links to your blogs in your blogger profile (!).

Isn’t that odd, I guess they consider that your profile can’t vouch for links to your blog or that maybe somehow you’re only spamming blogger so they won’t be passing any PR from your blogger profile to your blogs. But of course the links at the bottom of the page which point to Blogger buzz, the Google store etc.. are regular links, I guess they are more relevant to your profile than your own blogs. But I’m forgetting, your profile is not about you, it’s about Blogger.

I started blogging sometime in 2004 (see my blogger profile :D) but until this year I wasn’t even aware of the existence of the pagerank concept. To me the Google pagerank is a sort of award system like the levels on Yahoo Answers. So by giving me a low PR Google is telling me, your blog stinks, fix it and wait for the next pagerank update to see if we like it.

2 thoughts on “>My profile has a higher pagerank than my blog!

  1. >Hi M. Jasmin, I think that the reason of your profile page got higher pr than your main page is because you always giving comment to somebody else post using your profile page. :)

  2. >Hi Suray, indeed I used to leave a link to my profile on blogger blogs but I don’t do so on non-blogger blogs, in fact, as much as possible I try to link to one of my blogs instead but maybe you are right.

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