>The big guys and their blogging systems

>Don’t worry this post is not about the bloggers who make big money with their blogs.

WordPress seems to be the most popular blogging platform among high profile bloggers. Yahoo, Google and Microsoft all three have their own blogging platform. Yahoo has it’s 360 blogs, Google has Blogger and Microsoft has Msnspaces blogs….

Google proudly uses Blogger for all its official blogs, they all have a .blogspot.com URI. Yahoo has a few of its blogs on 360 like the Yahoo Answers blog but they didn’t think the Yahoo 360 was good enough for their corporate blog so they used WordPress instead. And they expect Yahoo users like me to take the 360 seriously? They built the system and they don’t even have enough confidence in it to use it for they own blogs. What does that say about the quality reliability and perennity of the product? Maybe one day they’ll buy WordPress and close Yahoo 360 blogs and push all the 360 users to convert their blogs to Worpress blogs? (By the way Yahoo is going to transition the 360 starting next year).

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