>American Idol Season 7 – Top 12

>Thursday, March 6th, 2008.

It was about time we had the final 12. Last season I did not watch much of the show prior to the top 12, this season I realized that it was a smart move. The show is long and boring, so many fillers. Having to watch American Idol not two but three days in a row before knowing who’s been eliminated, is a bit too much. At least this week we only had to suffer to one hour episodes…

Thursday is not a good day to watch American Idol, it’s elimination night, two guys and two girls will go home. There will be cries and still it’s a long way to the final night when America chooses the “One”.

Blake Lewis stopped by for a performance and everybody seemed happy to see him again on stage doing his “thing”. He wasn’t a finalist for nothing.

And finally they tell us who goes home. Kady is gone, no more Britney Spears on American Idol! I’m really going to miss fake Britney. I think Kady Malloy has a future in show business.

Luke Menard, Danny Noriega and Asia’h Epperson are also gone.

I predicted the eliminations pretty much accurately then again who hadn’t?

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