>American Idol Season 7 – Top 16 – Women

>March 5th, the women take the stage to see if they can convince America that they deserve to sing another day in this competition.

Asia’h Epperson, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody“.
She’s definitely not very articulate. It’s karaoke night people. Her voice is not strong and the backup singers do a better job than she does at least they sound better. And her performance just goes on for ever, no, it didn’t work for me at all. What is she wearing?

What do the judges think? Randy,recorded that song with Whitney Houston, he thinks it was Hot! -I don’t thinks so- . Paula thinks she nailed it. Simon, is not quite so enthusiastic, ” at best it was second rate Whitney Houston. She did the Whitney version of the Whitney song. ” I completely agree with him.

Kady Malloy,”Who Wants to live Forever“. She didn’t think America would pick her instead of Alaina Whitaker, the girl has no self confidence… What she doesn’t know is that they just love it when she impersonates the celebrities. She should have done Britney Spears tonight to secure her place in the top 12. She kind of sucked.

Randy thinks it was a very interesting song choice, a nice queen song, she did a good job, pretty good- whatever – . Paula, thinks it was, to date her best performance, she likes the tenderness and softness of her voice. Simon thinks it was definitely better than last week, but has issues with her ” massive lack of personality“. How can you say that to someone? I think it’s offensive.

Amanda Overmyer ,”I Hate Myself for Loving You“. She seems to have adopted the Robbie Carrico look in her pre-performance video… I don’t know the song but it rocks. A great choice for her but I’m wondering how well she customized it?
What did the judges think? Randy found the Amanda that he loves, “the bluesy rocker chick, well done baby! “. Paula, ” your face is beautiful, I like your hair, this is who we fell in love with“. Simon thought it was fantastic,” absolutely nailed that song, his favorite girl performance of the competition so far.”

She looks better tonight indeed, better makeup, better hair, she looks younger and more
approachable, nicer, more feminine and less gothic.

Carly Smithson,”I Drove All Night“. Irish Girl who can sing but probably looks too old and too married for the AI people. Did you see her tattoos? They always show you inside her mouth when she’s doing those loud long notes, you can see her tongue it’s a bit weird.
Not a great performance, pure Carly, technically good. I kind of like here, she’s very likable.

What did the judges think? Randy, ” I love that dude, another great performance “.
Paula, ” dude …”, she liked it. Simon, once again, he doesn’t think she chose the right song, she made the most out of it. Just not a great song for her and bla bla bla…

Kristy Lee Cook ,”Faithfully“. She’s an atypical girl. She has a real nice powerful country voice. Not perfect but charming. Her tongue looks red though they only showed it from the side unlike Carly’s that they show right up front.

What did the judges think? Randy, ” this is cool man, great song, I actually liked it…“. He liked the country version. Paula thinks it could be a hit for her in country music, “ you look great tonight “. Simon , thinks she’s forgetable, he’s not right. Who can’t remember Kristy, the one who sold her horse and never watches R rated movies…she’s the tall blonde. Maybe Simon has something with blond country girls or blonds in general.

Ramiele Malubay,”Against All Odds“. My favorite female contestant, isn’t she cute? Trying to look her age tonight. She has a good voice but …. I don’t know, something’s missing.

What did the judges think? Randy, ” big song , big vocals, he feels she’s not confident enough, you got mad vocals dude come on with it “. Paula, ” you have such a beautiful face …. bla bla… “ok Paula… finaly she says, you deserve to be in the top 12 ” , as if the top 12 was the end of it.
Simon, ” because you’re so little and cute it was quite good, but didn’t hear the big money performance he was looking for.

Brooke White,”Love is A Battlefield“. There’s something with her voice, it’s not clear enough, almost like she’s coughing. But she’s oK, not a bad performance compared to what I’ve heard so far.

What did the judges think? Randy really liked it, “very interesting “.
Paula “a very wise choice“. Simon, it worked purely for the reason she didn’t use the complete band but only a guitar . So they all loved it, she’s very safe.

Syesha Mercado, “Saving All My Love for You”. I don’t quite like her. But she usually delivers a solid performance probably because she’s confident and a confident performer is usually a good one. She’s definitely not dressed for the occasion. What’s up with all those Whitney Houston songs? She does something really weird with this song, a bit too piercing for my sensitive ears. America will probably like it, I don’t. I think it’s just oK. They should stay away from WH’s songs, she’s a real diva you can’t outsing her.

What did the judges think? Randy ” good “. Paula, ” sophisticated lovely“. Simon ” a bit predictable but good“.Very short comments from the judges they probably told them that their time was up.

I feel so sad to see Kady go- Though sh’es not gone yet but I’d be surprised if she made the top 12-. We need her on this show! I’m really really going to miss Kady. Who will go with her? It’s not obvious I can’t really tell. I also have to say that Ramiele might be in danger also… I just hope I’m wrong. Maybe Asia’h will also be in the bottom three?

Did you see Asia’h carrying Kady on her back? Asia’h is one of the shortest female contestants and Kady is one of the tallest female contestants.

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