>American Idol Season 7 – Top 16

>It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about American Idol. Now that there are only 16 contestants left I thought I’d comment on last night’s performances and about the remaining contestants. The performances were shorter, which gave the contestants less time to try to impress the judges and the viewers but they did make the best out of it, you can feel the increasing pressure on their shoulders.

March 4th, the show is back to the reasonable 1 hour performance format. I enjoy watching American Idol but I think two hour performance shows are too long, a lot of fill-ups. Last nigh was 80’s night.

  • First up, Luke Menard (29).

I’ve found his performance to be so-so. Not much more I can say about it really.

  • Then came David Archuleta (17).

I see he’s trying to look sexy, yeah so many girls are going crazy for him. I think he sounds good. The judges have been trying to imposing David Archuleta as a favorite for this season, makes sens doesn’t it since he’s “only 17″! But I’m not sure that’s a good thing at this stage in the competition, soon they’re going to start telling him that he’s so consistently good that he’s become boring…

  • Danny Noriega (18) performed after Archuleta.

What was that? He should not try to dance during his performances. If only he had great hair like Sanjaya Malakar, maybe then, there would be a really good reason to keep him for a few more rounds.

  • Then there was David Hernandez (24).

I found his performance not bad actually, he’s surprising me, really! I’ve never been a fan of his but what can I say?

  • Then came Michael Johns (29).

He moves the microphone strangely when he holds it. I don’t quite understand his posture, and the man just can’t dance! But he’s still cute! Where did he find that song? That’s such a wrong choice for him, it does not showcase his vocal skills enough. He looks nerdy or maybe a bit like Aerosmith… He’s still my favorite guy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a contestant sweat so much after such a short performance.

What did the judges think? Randy loved it and thinks it’s a good song choice. Paula thinks it was the perfect song and loves the hear him in the low range.- Her chest looks bigger tonight… –
Simon liked it, loved it. He thinks Michael has huge talent but still hasn’t had his moment yet, he thinks Michael’s going to do very very well in the competition and really likes him. I hope Simon’s right about him doing very well in the competition.

  • The “rocker”, David Cook (25).

Remember people David Cook is the rocker who plays the guitar and has short colored hair not to be confused with the blond long-haired rocker called Robbie Carrico who was voted off last week- he failed to convince the judges and America that he truly is a rocker -. I don’t understand why they take so much pride in being called “rockers”, like rocker=cool or many it’s the Daughtry effect- rockers make more money(?)-. I don’t really like that guy I don’t find him “nice” and likable enough but he’s not a bad artist though I think he overdoes the “rock thing“. This season seems to be all about the rockers and instrument players. He plays the guitar and does this “rocked out” version of Hello from Lionel Ritchie. Starts a bit hesitantly then “rocks it out”. What can I say, the guy has talent and I like rock so yeah, I think it was really good and quite impressive actually, no doubt about it, David Cook is a stage performer.

What did the judges think? Randy loved it, he thinks it was a brilliant and “evil” version of the song. Paula loved it too, she likes David Cook, and believes he’ll be a great shining star. Simon thinks it was a brave thing to do and he loved it. He thinks David took a risk and hopes he’ll see him next week.

  • Next, Jason Castro, (20).

Jason castro american idolThe make up makes him look like a girl or maybe he just naturally looks like one? Or maybe it’s the facial expressions? Did you see how he opens up his nostrils every now and then? Quite a sight. He chose a soft song. Not bad, he does not look satisfied with himself. But he looks like a nice guy, very likable.

What did the judges think? Randy said it was one of his favorite songs,” Good looking out man, Good looking out baby, nice.” Poetic don’t you think. Paula,… is she …? Well let’s move along with Simon. One of his favorite songs, he thought it was absolutely brilliant, “Probably one of his favorite performances of the night.

  • And finally came Chikezie (22).

He sounds quite a bit unoriginal. He’s still trying to prove himself.

What did the judges think? Randy thinks he did a good job, he thinks it was “really good“. I hope he didn’t say that because Chikezie is the only black male contestant. Paula thinks Chikezie’s vocals sound really good, and Simon thinks it didn’t work at all, ” much more caberet than last week, not a very smart move “. What’s wrong with cabaret by the way?

So who is going home this week? Luke and Danny probably, Chikezie will be close once again. At least that’s what I would like to see happen.

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