>American Idol top 11 results night – Bye Amanda

>Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It was result night on American Idol season 7, on Fox last night. The contestants will know if they will get another chance to try and convince America that they can be the new american Idol or if they will be sent back home.
The first person to make the bottom three is Carly Smithson, surprisingly. Less surprisingly Kristy Lee Cook joins her, she’s been a regular of the bottom three for the past weeks, just like Phil Stacey was last season, he made it pretty far and landed a Disney contract. Kristy and Disney sounds like a good match. And finally, and not surprisingly at all, Amanda Overmyer joins them. As I predicted yesterday Amanda Overmyer was the one sent home. I doubt anybody who’s been watching the show since the top 12 is surprised especially if you watched the previous night. She looks like a really nice girl underneath the goth-rocker-biker-chick image, when she’s not wearing a lot of make-up she does look “sweet” but saying that I’ll miss her on the show would be lying. American Idol being a singing competiton and not an attitude competition I can say that logically she was the weakest singer of the remaining 11.

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