>Daily spam on my Yahoo mail

>I used to get the occasional spam message delivered to my Inbox on Yahoo mail but nowadays I don’t get one but many spam messages daily. I report all of them as spam but still day after day or ever later on the same day I receive similar messages from obviously spammy addresses (many are freenet.de email addresses) and with obviously spammy titles.

I don’t remember giving away my email address on any site recently but I guess somebody sold my email to some spammers out there I just hope Yahoo! mail’s Spamguard would do a better job at catching those spam messages and sending them to the Bulk folder considering that I’ve been reporting them regularly for a few days now. Funny, after writing the first draft for this post I went on my Indox again and found yet another spam message from a freenet.de address I had just marked the ones I found earlier as spam and they were removed from my inbox.

Again a few hours later, before publishing this post I find yet another spam message and you’ve guessed it form another freenet.de address… Disappointed with Yahoo! Mail.

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