>Shiny New Yahoo! Mail Classsic

>Yahoo upgraded my mail account from Yahoo! Mail Classic to New Yahoo! Mail Classic. I had tried the New Yahoo! Mail and didn’t like it. It’s heavy, cluttered, painful when you don’t have a really wide screen and plain ugly plus some features like folders don’t work. Folders! One of the most useful features of Yahoo! Mail, it’s really great when used with filters by the way and it’s a feature Gmail doesn’t have but I digress.

Well since Yahoo is not forcing his users to use the New version of Yahoo Mail, at least not at this time they simply changed my Classic Mail to the New Classic Mail without a warning. For once, I’m not complaining. This new version looks like a mixed of both New and Classic Yahoo Mail. It keeps the wide viewing space but adds some functionality. They have however taken out some features like the “Instalist” which allowed you to instantly create a mailing list for recipients when you are sending a message, it was a very practical way to create list for people you mail as a group. Yahoo has a full list of added and removed features.

I have more than one Yahoo! mail account, and no, I don’t think it’s illegal. I’ve noticed that only one of them was upgraded the others remained in the old Classic Mail version, still I’m not complaining as long as it’s not the New Yahoo Mail! I felt the New Yahoo! Mail does not provide a good ad space, the ad at the right side of the screen just seems to eat up my inbox/mail viewing space while the old placement, when ads are at the top of the page, kept the ad away from my viewing space which I found more convenient. I personally think horizontal ads are better than vertical ones but that’s just me.

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