>Yahoo Mail, Ymail, Rocketmail, it’s all the same

>Now you can have a Yahoo! mail account with a Ymail.com extension or a rocketmail.com extension. Ymail looks like an imitation of Gmail except that it doesn’t sound as cool. Rocketmail is a name that many people will recognize since Rocketmail was one of the first free e-mail services around that was acquired by Yahoo in 1997. Both Ymail and rocketmail are in fact Yahoo! mail with a new alias. With both of those new mail domains you will get the exact same Yahoo! mail service.

So what is the use of those new email domains? For those who always wanted their name as their email handle this might be your chance. Let’s say I wanted marguerite@yahoo.com but couldn’t get it now I have two more chances now, one with Ymail and one with rocketmail. I didn’t even try to register marguerite@yahoo.com because I doubt it’s still available, besides I already have an email on Yahoo!.

If you have a short handle in mind you might want to try and secure it right now before someone else grabs it. How do you do that? Simple, go to Yahoo! mail’s home page and click the link to get a new email address. If you are signed in to Yahoo, you need to sign out first.

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