>Google is retiring Adsense Referrals

>Can you believe it?

You have about two months- until the last week of August – to remove all the Google Referral ads from your sites. Apparently this move was triggered by Google’s acquisition of Double Click. You also need to save your referrals reports because after the last week of August they will not be available.

Yesterday I updated some of my referral ads to see if I could make more money out of them. I typically place my referral ads in less visible areas of my blog where I usually don’t have any ads. I managed to get a few clicks and a few conversions some for up to $2, nothing phenomenal really. With Google’s referrals I even promoted sites who didn’t approve me as a referral on other advertising networks. The best part about Google’s referrals is the fact that you could use them with your existing Adsense account. Adsense is one of the most open ad services for publishers. Now that Google Referrals is making way for what is called Google Affiliate Network expect more restrictions.

One word of advice if you try to register with Google Affiliate Network, or ConnectCommerce to be precise, and can’t see your country’s name in the list, scroll all the way to the bottom of the list, you’ll find “Other“, when you choose “Other” as your country a longer list of countries appear where you’ll probably find yours.

I find ConnectCommerce/Double Click too restrictive. They may decline your application if the information you provide them does not match the WHOIS registration information for the domain you are submitting. In case you use private registration for your domain the email address you provide must match the url you’re submitting. When I joined Adsense I only had two blogspot.com blogs. I didn’t have a domain name I could call my own. Even though I do have a few domains now, I would not submit a single one of them to ConnectCommerce because my blogspot.com blogs are my most popular sites and they are the ones on which I wish to run ads from Google Affiliate Network.

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