>I can save and restore my Firefox sessions painlessly

>A friends asked me about saving sessions in Firefox and having it restore your session automatically at startup. I told him that your sessions are restored after a crash and that what I do is shutdown my computer with my browser open to ensure that when I turn it on next time and launch Firefox it would ask me if I want to restore my latest session.

I’m the one who wrote a post about wanting the Save/Restore session feature in Firefox. Then I thought about it realizing that it’s been over a year since I wrote that post, there had to be some progress made in that area since I’m convinced that I was not the only one asking for that feature….

Guess what? It was there all along! Indeed, Firefox stores your sessions but it simply does not offer to restore them on start up by default. The default behavior is to offer a restore after a crash or unexpected close. Firefox also automatically restores your session after an automatic update and when you use the restart button from the Add-ons Manage.

One year of voluntarily crashing my browser and I had no idea I could simply ask it to restore my session and close it nicely.

For those of you who want to know how to do this simply to go Tools>Options>Main under Startup you’ll see When Firefox starts: choose the third option Show my windows and tabs form last time. The default option is Show my home page. Voila!

Why would you want to do this? Because you need to close your browser and wish to come back later, or on another day, to the same pages you were visiting when you left. I wonder if Internet Explorer has that feature too?

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  1. >Hi Suray but I don’t understand which others you are talking about??? Really I have no clue. But as I said to me this was a discovery.

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