>Microsoft Buying Yahoo!

>You might have noticed I’m a long time Yahoo! user. By long time think about 10 years on the Internet ten years is a very long time. My first email address was a Yahoo email address that I still use until this day. I enjoy chatting in Yahoo chat, using Yahoo messenger for IM, I like answering questions and making contacts on Yahoo Answers. I used to like the now closed Yahoo photos a lot and so on. I’m a Yahoo user you can tell. Yes, I have had a few hotmail accounts, but spam on Hotmail was the worst back then. Even though I still use a Hotmail email address I’m not really an msn user, I mostly use it for business, reluctantly I must add.

I am one of those who felt concerned but not surprised that Microsoft wanted to buy Yahoo! I was glad to see that Yahoo did not sell itself but I would not be surprised that in the future parts of Yahoo were sold to Microsoft like the IM services and the chat. Have you looked at Yahoo messenger lately? With every new version they are one step closer to becoming MSN messenger. A merger of the two messengers, Yahoo! and MSN seems plausible and even reasonable. I just hope that the resulting YMSN(?) messenger does not have frequent mandatory updates like MSN does, I hate those. If they could find a way to combine the best of both messengers they would have one killer IM client.

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