>On Adsense Invalid Click and Click Fraud

>I was reading a post from Inside Adsense, you know the official Adsense Blog. The post was about Invalid Clicks and Click Fraud.

Read it if you want to know all the details, nothing new really. Why am I mentioning it? Well, after reading that “Third-party programs for purchasing fixed amounts of traffic, e.g. “$10 for 1,000 page views” are considered invalid impressions, guess which ads were being displayed near the message (I’m reading it in my Inbox) ? Yes, you’ve guessed right “10,000 visitors for $12.25” and “10,000 real visits $7.95“.

The moral of the story, it’s OK to make money from “$10 for 1,000 page views” programs, Google’s doing it, as long as you don’t use them on a site that runs Adsense.

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