>American Idol Season 8 Episode 3 – Recap and thoughts

>Last night was one of those less exciting nights for American Idol. We were shown mostly bad signers with a few uninteresting ones who made it to Hollywood.

The auditions were taking place in San Francisco where they had discovered Katharine McpPhee in season 5 and and William Hung.

After watching the show from end to end, all I can say is that it was not really worth it. Certainly there were many fun moments and I did laugh a lot, especially in the beginning but by the end I started to feel tired and completely unconvinced that the next American Idol would come from San Francisco this year.

The show started with Tatiana del Toro. She was labeled a beauty pageant contestant and I still can’t get her laugh out of my head. She looks like a nice girl. Not an excellent singer technically speaking, she’s a bit of a drama queen which means she certainly wont win this. Below is a photo of Tatiana taken from Myspace.Tatiana del Toro American Idol Season 8 Episode 3

Here is the video of Tatiana Nicole del Toro’s audition

For some odd reason, one contestant seems to have caught America’s attention. He’s name is Adam Lambert. He sang “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Simon thought his audition was theatrical and I can only agree on that with him. He’s voice is not bad but he’s more of a showman than a singer. I’m not actually looking forward to seeing more of him but I bet you the judges wouldn’t agree with me on that. According to his fans, he can sing rock and can carry both high notes and low notes. I’m pretty sure he does not make an impression on people with his voice only but also with the show he puts on when he signs. It’s probably due to his background in theater, the musical kind.

What I found a bit odd is that Ryan Seacrest was not looking his best either. It looked like he was wearing no makeup at all, he didn’t even look as good as an average contestant. But he was nice to the people that they showed him talking to.

The inspiring story for the night wast that of Kai Kalama, he sand “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”. He put his dreams on hold to take car of his mother and now is his chance to make them come true with the help of American Idol. He looks like a nice guy but of course Simon Cowell thinks he lacks personality. In fact he said that he had the personality of a “ship singer”…
Kai Kalama American Idol Season 8 Episode 3

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