>Ann Marie Boskowich on American Idol season 8 in Jacksonville

>Ann Marie Boskowich has auditioned for American Idol in Jacksonville. The auditions in the Florida town will be aired on Tuesday January 27th, that’s tonight(!)

American Idol season 8 episode 5 promises to be more exciting than what we got to see last week. This is a little spoiler for you before you get to see the show tonight. Watch out for Ann Marie Boskowich because it is rumored that she will make the top 50.

Here is her Jacksonville audition where she was asked to go and make herself look like a star before coming back for the audition. You can tell that they liked her and the way she idolizes Kara DioGuardi.
She seems to be very talented. Let’s hope she picks good songs to sing and goes far on the competition.

Listen to her sing Part of you world for the Little Mermaid 2. It’s the sequel to Disney’s Little Mermaid that went straight to DVD.

Some people call her a plant, that’s what they call contestants who’ve had previous record deals and/or actual records that came out and were sold, but apparently she didn’t have any, at least that’s what I’ve read online. In there defense I have to say that most of those so-called plans were obviously not successful with their previous records and that’s why we hadn’t her of them before American Idol.


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