>Michael Castro made it to Hollywood

>Click this link to see Michael Castro’s photo.

Jason Castro’s little brother Michael charmed the judges, particularly Kara DioGuardi to win his gold ticket to Hollywood. Personally I was not impressed by his audition. And I couldn’t believe Kara D. thought that his ‘if my brother can do it I can do it’ answer was reason enough to send him to Hollywood. That’s a childish answer and it shows that his auditioning has little to do with wanting to win American Idol it’s mostly about sibling rivalry.

It seems many Jason fans are already crazy in love with him, I hope for them that he makes the top 12 at least but it’s really too early to tell if he’ll even make it pass Hollywood.

I really don’t like his hair, he looks like a soft-punk version of a Disney star.

What I really enjoyed though was when they showed him with Jason, that was fun to watch. Jason is still as laid back as he was during season seven. If Michael does make it pass Hollywood he can probably count on Jason’s fans to vote for him.

For all Michael Castro fans who don’t know it yet, Michael is selling posters of himself on Jason’s web site.

Jason Castro also has a younger sister, Jacqueline Castro.

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