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It’s performance day for the second group of semifinalist for American Idol season 8. The first one to sing is Jasmine Murray. Singing first if a big challenge you need to be really good to make a lasting impression after 11 other people follow you on the stage. Unfortunately Jasmine wasn’t up to that. She used to be the judges’ pet but not anymore. They simply didn’t like and basically tell her she needs to grow up…

I didn’t watch the performances last week and I find it a bit strange that they get to sing so long. I remember from previous seasons, in the top 24 the performances were super short, it starts then it ends almost right away. It’s good for the contestant to have more time to convince and show off their talent. It also gives them time to correct a mistake if they start the song badly but when the performance is not so good, it’s excruciating.

Kara DioGuardi, for some reason they are giving her more attention then he other judges but she sucks. She practically killed all Jasmine’s chances with her remarks. Even Paula Abdul is crucifying her. It’s definitely not Jasmine’s night.

Matt Giraud chose to sing Viva la Vida from Coldplay, the music could have saved him but the performance is so unenjoyable you can tell he won’t make it.

Jeanine Vailles also choose a very popular and recent song to sing, by Maroon 5. But all the judges seem to remember from her performance are her legs. She was wearing shorts and high heals. She looks much better on TV than she does in her photos. Kara is really rude to her…

Then came Nick Norman, and he blew it. He has many fans out there but seriously people the first time he performed this song in Hollywood was so much better.

Allison Iraheta was pretty impressive. She sounds more mature when she sings than when she does her interviews. She’s not very articulate and definitely not lady-like. She’s only 16 after all… At this point there is absolutely no doubt that she will make the top 12. She reminds me of Kelly Clarkson because of her looks mostly.

Kris Allen singing Man in the Mirror probably made the poorest choice song for the night. A Michael Jackson song is a big no-no, usually.

Then came Megan Joy Corkrey and I think she looks a bit weird….. I find her quite forgettable if it weren’t for her huge arm tattoo.

The second Matt followed, Matt Breitzke, I really wanted this guy to make it. Maybe because he looks so much more “normal” than all the others. Unfortunately he blew it. He’s just not mainstream enough. That’s what happens when you choose a song you’re too much in love with.

Jesse Langseth is one more who’s sinigng s song she thinks is the greatest song ever written. After hearing that you just know it’s going to suck. And it does. Whenever a person says she’s so lin love with a song, it sucks.

Kai Kalama called mama’s boy tries himself at what seems to be an oldie. The female judges are obviously in love with him. But it semsa that overall they want him out.

The girl with the unusual name, Mishavonna Henson pleasantly surprises me. Did you know that she had made it to Hollywood last year? It’s my second favorite performance fot he night. She was great and she looked nice as well. But the judges are just full of it and they are trying to drown her. Some people say that it’s because they wanted to “pimp” Adam Lambert, the last contestant for the night. So they had to make the people who performed before him seemed really horrible.

Anyway, along came Adam Lambert and he does exactly what you think he would do. An over the top performance, loud and whatever.; Here’s one more who looks better on TV than he does in photo. If it were for me, he’d be out and he wouldn’t even make the wild card round. That’s the kind of performance you do when only one person is going to be eliminated. But the judges want him to go through so badly that he might just make it. They chose to sacrificed both Kai and Mishavonna for the benefit of Adam, what a shame.

Strangely enough I find myself singing What becomes…

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