>American Idol season 8 top 12 week 1

>I barely caught the results show last night. It was all about how Stevie Wright seemed to have succumbed under the pressure. They there was group singing. The dance moves! I guess the reason why it does not look better is because they don’t have enough time to rehearsal right? Then the results. I’m a bit confused, I usually don’t really watch much after the auditions and before the top 12 and knowing that this year they adopted a new format didn’t help me follow the show very smoothly. And it seems also that I spent too much time looking up the contestants online. Now that they are going to leave the competition by packs of nine, what a waste.

Though I must say I remember the audition of each one of those who made it to the top twelve last night. Alexis Grace was shown with her baby and they even showed the photo of her fiancĂ©. One one site she was labeled poster-child for teen pregnancy, I wonder why??? The judges wanted her to be dirtier and apparently that’s what she did and America liked it. I wonder if America would have liked it as much if she stayed a nice girl. After all Jordin Sparks had a nice girl image, didn’t she?

The other lucky ones were Michael Sarver and Danny Gorky. I think Danny looks weird when he sings. Not a natural performer at all… Like he has a cold. He reminded me of Michael Johns with his awkwardness except that Michael Johns is a much better singer and he is more fit.

Speaking of Michael Johns, he made a guest appearance with Carly Smithson, both oddly dressed like members of the Adams’ family. The sang a song I believe they had sung last season? I think, I believe I’ve heard it before. Somehow I’m starting to believe all those people saying that those two were plants. Unless they brought them back because the best singers from season 7 (David Cook and David Archuleta, according to America) are two expensive and the rest (Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro, Brooke White) are just not as good or as appealing or? Or maybe they are saving the best of last year for much later this season when things get really interesting.

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