>Who Will Win American Idol Season 8?

>American Idol top 3 who will win
Depending on who makes it to the finals tonight we could already now, one week in advance who will be the American Idol in 2009.

Let me explain. If Adam Lambert makes it with Kris Allen, chances are Adam will win. If it’s a Danny Gokey/Kris Allen finale then it will be harder to tell who will win. If it’s a Danny Gokey/Adam Lambert finale it will depend on how well/or badly Adam performs. I find Gokey to be more consistent especially when he gets to pick his genre and song.

Personally I’m hoping for a Kris Allen/Danny Gokey for next week. I’m being optimistic for Kris since everybody’s talking about his “Heartless” let’s just hope it paid off. Buzz is always a good sign. It means people actually remembered you after the show was over let’s just hope they also remembered to vote.

After looking at the photo above I think I finally understand the Danny Gokey phenomenon. Danny is actually “cuter” than the other guys. Yes he can sing also but the does not look bad either and that always helps in show business. The appeal for Kris is not much his cuteness but the fact that he is perceived as an underdog. Until this day some people are still trying to find a photo of Kris Allen’s wife on the Internet. Just to tell you how much some people are interested in him. His a celebrity now.