>Paula Abdul quits American Idol

>Paula Abdul quits American Idol

It’s been confirmed by both parties that Paula Abdul will not be returning as a judge on American Idol season 9. I can hardly believe it. It seemed to me that Paula brought something unique to the judging panel. When they brought in Kara DioGuardi last season there were speculations that it was a move to replaced Paula whose contract was coming to an end. The rumors were right.

I fail to see what Kara brings to the show that the other judges didn’t already. She simply does not come across as a very likable person when she’s on the show. I still can’t forget some of the awful things she personally did to contestants last season. There was bikini girl in the finale. Yes I understand that many people don’t feel sorry for her but please do people get outrage when BeyoncĂ© uses her body to sell albums? No they don’t. Think about. If she covered herself just a bit more you think she would have been as popular as she is now. How about Britney Spears?

But Kara did worse. There was this contestant who seemed like a nice girl. She wasn’t a great singer though but she believed she could make it like many others. They interviewed her as she waited in line for a chance to audition for the judges. After she sang for them Kara literally laughed at her face. Calling her a joke. Because she was nominated the most humorous when she was in school Kara DioGuardi assumed she was only kidding when she auditioned for American Idol. Needless to say nobody found that funny. The contestant cried, she had just been humiliated on national television. Worse, Simon was the one with the nice words for her telling her “nicely” that she seems like a nice person but singing is not for her…

I wonder if Kara costs less than Paula?

I read a few reports suggesting that maybe Paula didn’t want to come back because she had other things she wanted to do….

Watch the Paula Abdul vs Kara DioGuardi video below

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