American Idol Season 9 – March 9 2010

>american idol season 9 - march 2010
American Idol - The Best & Worst of American Idol ( Limited Edition )This is my first American Idol episode for this season. I have no bias towards any contestant, I have never seen or heard any one of them.

My first impression from American Idol season 9 is that it’s gross and ridiculous.

Katie Stevens
She looks very normal and young. I didn’t notice anything special about her. Is she short? The background vocals almost cover her voice it’s really odd, she’s getting too much help from the backup singers. Can you spell boring.

Randy does not get it. Ellen did not feel it, she wants to see personality. Kara thinks Katie has a great radio voice… *yawn*… she says Katie does not know who she is yet, she thinks the singing is not perfect and that Katie did not stand out. Simon thinks she looks better than before and has taken the advice. “Not great song choice….you sucked the energy out of it and made it a bit gloomy….”.
I hope it gets better.

I don’t think she looks great, the makeup is not excellent and the hair…. oh well.

Everybody looks so normal this year.

Siobhan Magnus
TV is cruel. She’s pitchy when she tries to scream, but a much better overall performance than Katie Stevens.

Randy likes that she does not listen to the judges’ advice and think she was hot. He didn’t say pitchy. Ellen thinks she was spectacular. Kara loved it and thinks she’s unique and different…*blah blah…filler*…she really liked her tonight. Simon thought it was all a bit weird, that she didn’t do anything different with the song. He thinks she was much better the night before, he thinks it was a bit dark. He didn’t get it, he’s apparently looking for sunshine tonight and Siobhan just didn’t have that “moment”. (Judges like this girl).

Lacey Brown
So unfair, she did not get an interview…. she reminds me of….some popular singer……awful hairdo but her face is much more symetric than the previous two, the camera is actually quite….oh wow so many colors on her… she’s ok , she should definitely go forward… solid!
Randy, thinks it was her best perf for a long time…very cool Ellen agrees with the R-man…really good. Kara efortless singing ..reaching in different places …back on her path. Simon didn’t love love the song but she sang it really really well.. he agrees with me… she’s good with the camera
(Judges can’t deny this girl”s talent). Watch the video of Lacey Brown’s performance

Katelyn Epperly
She plays the piano…the new Brooke perhaps…Maybe she brought the sunshine Simon is looking for… He hair looks like a wig, there’s something about her eyebrows and her hair…normal song, or should I say boring…She looks so comfortable that’s the only plus she has over Katie Stevens
Randy….didn’t really like it didn’t feel the right collection , the vibe. Ellen trying to make a joke..not the right song to wow people…thinks it wasn’t enough. Kara didn’t feel she was competing tonight. Simon likes her hair…chose a simple song and didn’t do anything special with it. may have made a mistake in choosing the song. (Judges they have something against this girl they are not helping her )

Kris Allen is in a Ford commercial… this guys looks so normal, in a good way…

Ok I’m sleepy, I’m not sure I can make it until the end of the show…

Didi Benami
Odd voice…nice…not too much make up… another Norah Jones type,. She”s got it America vote for her… oh wait… I can vote for her…and the music is nice…she has good stage presence and the camera loves her…so does the crowd.
Randy a whole lot better than last week…not sure there was a wow moment. Ellen another corny joke… a lovely performance…likes what she did with it. Kara one of her favorite of the show so far this season for once I don’t mind what she has to say… wow Kara sounded sincere and
Simon agrees with Kara me too…Didi proved she’s an artist, well balanced, loved the end, brilliant choice of song…

Paige Miles
She has wind-brushed hair. I’ll refrain from saying anything about her make up. She’s trying but it sounds like she does not really have it.
Randy? It’s one of Randy’s favorite songs but it didn’t work for him, “went completely flat didn’t work at all”.
Ellen was not uplifted by the song , was sad and heavy, thinks she didn’t shine, wrong song choice
Kara it was all wrong, not the night to do that. Simon horrible choice of song..thinks this could be the end of the road for her. I actually think they are nice with her she really did not do a good job and that’s the least that can be said.

Crystal Bowersox
She reminds me of Amanda Overmeyer. but she looks a bit more laid back. She’s so comfortable, I wonder how long she’s been doing this?
Randy this is what this show’s about for him, he loved it, that was hot. Ellen thinks she’s amazing, best performance of the night. Kara likes her too starts to see what her record will be like. Simon 1 billion % going to be on the top 12, the one everyone has to beat.
She’s a judge favorite. I wonder if the other girls like her.

Lilly Scott
She chooses such a slow song, short and without any real high moments. It’s alright, not bad but not super extra ordinary.
Randy thinks it was hot, she’s in the zone. Ellen loves her voice, originality, style. Kara thinks she made happy times feels current. Simon thinks she’s very brave, didn’t have the wow factor, cute quirky a risky thing to do. (She’ll be OK.)

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