American Idol season 10 Top 24

>The Top 24 have been revealed. Starting next week the audience is going to have the opportunity to vote for their favorite contestant and keep them in the competition.

top 24 american idol season 10

I don’t want to sound like Randy Jackson but there is really tremendous talent on the show this season. In this year’s top 24 you have a lot of very likable people. The kind of people you want to root for. If the producers play this well this season might turn out to be very satisfying for fans. This is coming from someone who did not watch season 9 at all because for me season 8 was the worst I could tolerate from AI and frankly I did not think that taking Paula Abdul out and replacing her with Ellen DeGeneres would make the show better and it didn’t.

A three-judge panel is definitely the best format for the show in my opinion.

Here is a full list of the Top 24 American Idol contestants for season 10:

Naima Adedapo
Casey Abrams
Lauren Alaina
Jovany Barreto
Kendra Chantelle
Jordan Dorsey
Ashthon Jones
James Durbin
Thia Megia
Clint Jun Gamboa
Haley Reinhart
Tim Halperin
Karen Rodriguez
Stefano Langone
Pia Toscano
Brett Loewenstern
Lauren Turner
Jacob Lusk
TaTynisa Wilson
Scott McCreery
Rachel Zevita
Paul McDonald
Julie Zorrilla
Robbie Rosen

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