Top 12 performances in brief – American Idol season 10

>Pia Toscano is so composed. The kind who would play the mean popular girl in high school. Except that she wears glasses. She’s very strong vocally and probably one of the reasons people didn’t vote for Ashton….She’s being pimped so… I hope it won’t push people away from her. A contender but maybe only for 2nd place because it doesn’t seem like she can sing many different types of songs, power ballads yes, something else… not so sure it gets boring after a while on reality TV it only works for established stars.

James Durbin is surfing. You can tell he is in his element, he’s comfortable and yet he is trying hard to show everybody night after night that he deserves to be there. He is doing a good job. I don”t know if he has star power like David Cook or even Adam Lambert but he has got something. A contender.

Steven Tyler is fun to watch, he’s funny even when, especially when he doesn’t say anything just his facial expressions…

There is something about the ones who look right into the camera during their performance. Paul McDonald does that really well. It’s like he’s looking right at you and I’m sure that look gets him tons of votes. That’s something Stefano Langone does not do. Speaking of him have you read about Stefano Langone DUI scandal?

A seemingly effortless performance by Scotty and you don’t have to try or be a country music fan to enjoy it. It was good, not the best ever but efficient and good, at this stage in the competition it’s more than enough for him to advance. I hope he can wow people when the time comes. Much more enjoyable than Stefano’s performance.

Naima is looking right into the camera and Jimmy Iovine loves her, she’s in the pimp spot and has quick a$$ special effects they really want her to make it yes.

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