Grimm on NBC – Palm product placement


It seems that before HP had decided to pull the plug on Palm and WebOS they paid what must have been an important amount of money to showcase their Palm Pre on the pilot of Grimm. As you can see in the snapshot below the main character is holding a palm pre in his hand. I want to say that it’s a clever product placement but maybe only Pre fanatics like myself noticed it. I assume the idea was to showcase the features of the touch screen. The character is seen ignoring a call by sliding his thumb from left to right on the screen. When the call came in I thought it was an iPhone because of the way the incoming call is featured on the screen than again maybe it was a call made from Skype because I’m not sure this is how incoming calls show up on WebOS. Then again I might be wrong I never owned a Pre and I have never seen the latest WebOS in action.

Palm Pre in NBS’s Grimm

Palm Pre wallpaper on Grimm

I don’t care if they don’t make them anymore. I want one!

In case you are wondering about the show itself I think the pilot was really good, one of the best I’ve seen this season.

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