This is the end of American Idol

American Idol Finale

Ryan Seacrest on the American Idol Stage

In spite of what Nigel Lythgoe has to say about it, I feel that this is finally the end of American Idol. Sure Nigel is talking about bringing the show back as something else but I don’t see that happening. If anything what we’re seeing is that the audience is no longer there. The worse part of what has happened in the last few seasons is that the show seems to have lost some of the things that made it fun to watch in the first place. Even Ryan who, in my opinion, is a big part of the show’s success especially during the audition episodes didn’t seem to be at his best this season.

I have not watched the live shows, so perhaps Ryan got better. After watching the X-factor I learned to appreciate his skills as a host so much more.

The judges were lacking. I mean, they are probably great people and successful artist but they are not so good on TV. They needed at least one person who is super charismatic and also I find that there isn’t enough chemistry between them and a serious lack of personality.

This being said, I always liked Nigel. It’s funny because you don’t see much of him on the show but you can just tell that the show is much better when he is running things. That is one oft he reasons that I am excited to watch the finale because he is the one producing it and as if that wasn’t enough he got Phillip Phillips to come back for a WGWG medley.

You know who else is coming back? Sanjaya Malakar. Simon Cowell was so hard on that kid and the two get to cross paths again because Simon will also be there along with Paula and Randy, the original trio of judges.