Who will win the final season of American Idol?

American Idol season 15 is ending today. Either La’Porsha Renae or Trent Harmon will walk away with the “crown” and get to sing their coronation song under a rain of confetti.

While I have nothing against La’Porsha, she’s a very talented young woman and she deserves to win, Trent is my favorite and I would like him to win. If Trent wins it will be a very happy ending of American Idol for me, if he loses it will still be OK I guess but not as memorable. It will remind me of Kris Allen winning over Adam Lambert, good times!

Remember the look on Kris Allen's face when he won- Even he didn't he didn't see that one coming

Remember the look on Kris Allen’s face when he won- Even he didn’t he didn’t see that one coming

With all the celebrities supporting La’Porsha and saying they voted for her I feel like Trent is the underdog. Which would make his win even sweeter because people would vote for him without being influenced by big name celebrities.

Either way, I am still going to watch the finale because there are many familiar faces that I want to see again before all this is over.

You can read Trent Harmon’s biography on Reality Sings.

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