>BlogRush – Bloggers should know better

>I don’t understand all those bloggers being disappointed with BlogRush. Seriously, what did they expect? All those so called A-list bloggers backing BlogRush should only prompt warnings in the common blogger’s head. What’s in it for them? That’s the question you should ask yourself every time you see a blogger promoting a product or service. And yes you should do that when you see me inviting you to join a site or buy a product.

I’m not saying that bloggers shouldn’t profit from the exposure they provide to websites but you should keep in mind that often, the incentives that a blogger gets from advertising a site or product -or service or company- does not leave him with a completely objective state of mind. Many times you’ll see bloggers recommend sites or products they’ve not used at all or with which they’ve only had a limited experience – it’s called advertising-. I’ve read about BlogRush on every other blog about making money online that I visited recently. Even bloggers that didn’t write about it used the widget. Still I failed to see what BlogRush had that other earn-credits-and-get-exposure (traffic exchange) systems lack except for the buzz. I only see BlogRush as a variation of many other such services already available out there. And since it’s based on the same model, it has the same weaknesses. Yet another widget to clutter your sidebar with.