>On Melinda Doolittle and Why Yahoo Search is still the most successful competitor to Google

>Noticing people coming to Wannatech searching for “Melinda Dolittle” (a typo, the name is Doolittle), I thought I’d check to see what the former American Idol contestant has been doing since being eliminated from the show. In case you hadn’t watched American Idol, Melinda Doolittle was one of the favorites to win the contest but she was eliminated right before the finals.

On Google a search for Melinda Doolittle gives you many results with only the (old) American Idol Melinda Doolittle page as an official source of information among the first few, five others are from technorati, wikipedia, blogs and fan sites. A Yahoo Search with the same query gives you Melida Doolittle’s myspace page as the first result. Why is Melinda’s myspace page a better result for her name than her Fox American Idol contestant profile page? Her myspace page is more recently updated, it has a listing of her upcoming performances and links to her latest blog entries. The Fox American Idol contestant page has not been updated since the beginning of the show in January, need I say more?