>New Blogger

>I had to switch to New Blogger against my will. I was no longer allowed to post using my old blogger account, in fact I was not even able to access my dashboard the only option I had was to switch to New Blogger. Since I still wanted to blog on blogger I made the switch reluctantly.

Now that I’m using it I have to say that there are obvious improvements that benefit the user.

The labels are one of them. they allow you to track all post that are on the same topic it’s useful to you and your readers.

The page elements allows you, among other things, to add and place elements to your sidebar like hit counters and logos without having to dive into the template code. I enjoy it most when I have to reorganize my template and change the order in which the elements appear in the sidebar with Old Blogger it would have required editing the template and plenty of Copy/Paste but now all I have to do is drag and drop.

Also publishing is faster. No more waiting to republish index or the entire blog which can be long sometimes, it’s really fast!

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