>Is Yahoo migrating all the 360 blogs to WordPress?

>Yes, it’s been announced a long time ago and it should be effective soon, Yahoo! 360 is transitioning to a more integrated Yahoo! experience. This means that Yahoo! 360 will never get out of Beta.

If you followed the link you’ve noticed the high number of comments on the latest posts of the official Yahoo! 360 blog. The Yahoo! 360 team probably has one of the most popular Yahoo! blogs out there.

Back to my question, is Yahoo! migrating all the 360 blogs to WordPress? After all, many Yahoo! blogs are WordPress blogs, their music blog, their video blog, their flickr blog, their corporate blog– at least it used to be, now I’m not so sure -… Maybe Yahoo! has a special partnership with the WordPress people? Or maybe they just hate their own blogging platform.

If Yahoo! can come up with a blogging platform that is easy to use, allows full control of content and layout, allows third party code integration and that is also integrated in the rest of the Yahoo machine they might have a winner. The Yahoo! 360 seemed to be integrated with only Yahoo! messenger. At some point I thought they would upgrade all the old profiles to 360 but they didn’t. Then came the Mybloglog acquisition and now it seems that they have come up with a new profile system that integrates all the information you enter on any Yahoo! site. My wish for them is that they don’t loose any bloggers in the transition process.